Anamnesia: Unforgetting (VIVO Media Arts Centre)

Anamnesia: Unforgetting is a 200 page publication, with 16 colour plates of video stills, plus numerous black and white photos of the original video library and viewing lounge at 261 Powell Street, postcards, letters, and day book scans from the archive's print collection. The book features texts by Sharon Bradley, Amy Kazymerchyk, Donato Mancini, Alex Muir and Cecily Nicholson, and an interview with Crista Dahl, one of the founding members of the Satellite Video Exchange Society.
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A three-DVD box set of the curated screenings is also available, and includes a copy of the book. The three DVDs feature restorations of twenty-eight short videos from the 1970s and 1980s. To preview a selection of the videos, please see Video Programmes.

The Anamnesia publication and DVD box set are for home-use only and are not authorized for public exhibition or distribution. The materials are also available for institutional or educational use. For pricing please contact
Order DVD & Book: $40