Anamnesia: Unforgetting


Programme Title Director Length Year
Dispatches: of wrested resumption, in time and area
Curator: Cecily Nicholson
We are evidence of the Western Hemisphere (U.S.) 60:00 min 1976
Why Wounded Knee Miles Mogulescu, AIM (U.S.) 28:00 min 1974
Wounded Knee Dispatch Peter Berg (Canada) 24:00 min 1973
Stop the Extradition Jan Darger (U.S.) 20:00 min 1976
The Trial of Leonard Peltier Paul Burtness (U.S.) 20:00 min 1977
Angela Davis: UCLA Lecture Leni Goldberg (U.S.) 48:00 min 1973
Dead Action Optic Nerve (U.S.) 25:50 min 1976
Leonard Peltier Demonstration/Extradition Alma House (Canada) 55:00 min 1976
Yvonne Wanrow Daryl Lacey (Canada) 28:00 min 1978
Instead Of Prisons Claire Culhane (Canada) 30:00 min 1979
Year of the Strike, Hour of the Knife
Curator: Donato Mancini
Ay Sudamerica! C.A.D.A. (Chile) 04:00 min 1981
Untitled [transit interviews] Ken Kuramoto (Canada) 10:30 min 1986
El Padre Mio Lotty Rosenfeld (Chile) 10:00 min 1985
Una Milla de Cruces Sobre el Pavimento Lotty Rosenfeld (Chile) 05:00 min 1979
Ten Dollars or Nothing Sara Diamond (Canada) 12:00 min 1989
Electronic Sunsets #35 Jane Wright (Canada) 04:00 min 1975
Your System Stinks Lorna Boschman (Canada) 13:00 min 1989
Twu Tel Amelia Productions (Canada) 09:00 min 1981
Somos + Pablo Salas (Chile) 12:00 min 1985
Electronic Sunsets #43 Jane Wright (Canada) 06:00 min 1975
Expo Forever Rich Rommell (Canada) 16:00 min 1987
What’s a sentient being like you doing in an incarnation like this?
Curator: Alex Muir
B-84: The Snowback Caper Byron Black (Canada) 12:00 min 1978
Collapse of Time Byron Black (Japan) 03:30 min 1984
B-84: Leaving the Ground Byron Black (Japan) 16:30 min 1981
Made in Japan Byron Black (Philippines/Japan) 16:55 min 1981
Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum Byron Black (Canada) 25:30 min 1974
Three Towers of Osaka Byron Black/Marlin Oliveros (Japan) 18:50 min 1984
Elephant Shrine at Rama VI Bridge Byron Black (Thailand) 13:45 min 1986